Cancer Patients and Corona Virus Infection

Corona viruses are a group of viruses causing respiratory infections. The novel corona virus which we now know as COVID 19 has caused pandemic in the world and has affected large number of persons. Cancer patients are also susceptible to get infected with this virus. Therefore, precautions need to be taken by cancer patients, especially those who are on active anti-cancer treatments.


At this moment, there is no effective vaccine to prevent COVID 19 infection. Researchers around the world are working hard to develop such a vaccine. Till that time, certain important measures listed below can be taken to minimize the risk of corona virus infection.

  • Observe Social Distancing
  • Avoid close contact with people who are known to be infected with COVID 19.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are down with fever, cough, breathing difficulty, till the time they are fully investigated and found to be COVID 19 negative
  • Avoid handshakes and un-necessary person to person contact
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially before eating, after blowing nose, cough, sneezing, after person to person contact especially if the person has fever, cough, cold
  • Strictly follow guidelines issued by local health authorities.


At NCI Nagpur, we are trying hard to continue the care of cancer patients.
Cancer patients attending NCI should note following changes.

  • Emergency services are working.
  • Long term follows up patients are being rescheduled. Please contact Ms Sapna Kolse on 0712-2800400 in case of any query.
  • Patients who are already on chemotherapy are being admitted as per their schedule.
  • Patients who are yet to begin chemotherapy, should contact Dr Ashish Vaidya.
  • Patients who are on radiation therapy are requested to continue their treatment as scheduled. In case of any query, please contact Dr. Sameer Chandorkar, Head, department of radiation oncology.
  • PET scans stand cancelled till the government calls off the lockdown. Please get in touch with Dr. Kaushik Chatterjee in case of any query.
  • CT scan, MRI, ultrasound is working.
  • Laboratory department is routinely functioning. However certain tests may take longer than usual.
  • Elective surgeries have been rescheduled. Please contact Dr. Gopal Gurjar, Dr. Abhishek Vaidya and Dr. Abhinav Deshpande in case of any query.
  • Cancer pharmacy is functioning as usual.
  • Ayushmati screening stands postponed. Further date will be notified accordingly.
  • For any other query please contact Dr. Prakash Kakani, Medical Superintendent on 0712-2800400.
  • Please note, all above doctors can be contacted on the hospital number during working hours.
  • Beyond working hours, limited guidance can be provided by casualty medical officer on duty for emergency queries only.

We would like to inform all patients that the situation about corona virus infection is changing daily and above instructions and information may change daily.
All patients are informed about the continued risk of corona virus COVID 19 infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in case of emergency?

Please call our toll free number 1800-233-0033 and talk to the casualty medical officer.

Appointment rescheduling details

Contact number 0712-2800400 and person for guidance Ms Sapna Kolse.

What to do in case you are unable to travel?

Please call up the treating consultant during hospital working hours to seek guidance if the visit can be rescheduled or any other option is available.

What to expect when visiting NCI in view of COVID 19 outbreak?

To minimize the risk of COVID 19 spread, all patients and visitor to NCI will be checked at entrance gate and asked to submit a self-declaration form given below. Patients with fever, cough, breathing difficulty or suspected respiratory infections will be sent to fever clinic for initial evaluation and depending upon guidance from physician in the fever clinic further course of action will be decided. Attending persons with fever, cough, breathing difficulty, common cold, or any other sign of respiratory infection will be denied entry inside the hospital campus.

Visitor Policy at NCI

In order to minimize, the spread of COVID 19 infection, only one visitor will be allowed with the patient. Visitors will be asked to fill up and sign self-declaration form and those with fever, cough, cold, respiratory infection will be denied entry.

If you have a quarantine stamp on you?

If any patient or his/her relative is found to have a quarantine stamp on him or her, entry to the hospital will be prohibited. For such patient, consultants at NCI will co-ordinate with patient’s local doctor for continuity of care to whatever extent possible.

Awareness Material for COVID 19